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What I offer my readers...


As a professional currently earning her master's in metaphysical sciences as well as her PhD in metaphysical counseling, I am here to support you in your quest for self discovery and improvement. 


Currently surviving as a mother of three amazing but challenging children, a wife of over 16 years, the owner of several crazy businesses, part time student, a writing career, and a past that would scare even Steven King...I CAN RELATE!!!

In the know

Staying relevant with fresh perspectives!

You just never know what I am gonna pull out of my...ahem...hat.

What i offer my clients...


I will deliver fabulous, multifaceted and professional content that is guaranteed to boost your company image!

Exciting content

Staying relevant with in depth and relatable material that will speak to your clients needs for clarity and personal growth.


Going above and beyond industry standards by maintaining high levels of honesty and integrity.