The Nocturnal Mystic was born out of a passion to leave this world a 

better place than I found it. I have been a published author since I was 

10 years old, and have written everything from poetry to resumes, built 

websites for several small businesses and have written fabulous and 

intriguing content for bloggers all over the world. 

 Truthfully, i have built this entire website as one big portfolio. In every page you 

can hear my voice and get a feel for my writing style.

 I am currently earning my master's in metaphysical sciences as well as 

my PhD in metaphysical counseling. I have known my path was going to 

be healing from the inside out ever since the fourth grade when I 

became a self-titled "Schoolyard Counselor-in-Training". 

 I write from a very relatable, empathetic, uplifting and safe space and I 

look forward to sharing that space with you! 


"Enlightenment, joy and peace can never be given to you by another. 

The well is inside YOU"