About Me

My Experiences

 My childhood was full of experiences that we Mystics' like to call, "Sacred Provocations". Chances to rise above, grow and learn. After MANY pitfalls in my teenage years and well into adulthood, I have learned to go within; inside lies everything we need. You are probably wondering why it is that I chose the name Nocturnal Mystic. Well, I am sure that, by now, you have picked up on the undertones of mysticism in my writing and beliefs, and you would be correct. I have a long history with the study of world religions, metaphysics, different veins of shamanism etc. This path has been absolutely pivotal in reconnecting me to my happy place; the place I now live in every single day. Nocturnal...yep you guessed it, I am a night owl and have always found my inspiration working under the moon. Interestingly enough, every single one of my wonderfully wise animal spirit friends have been nocturnal! My sweet wolf, my wise and transformational owl, my giant and guiding white moth, my beautiful bat friend who always knows when I need his medicine, and many others that have come and gone over the years. It's a bit crazy...in a spectacular way! Writing, research, action, meditation and manifestation have all played a huge role in my success stories and sharing this with my readers is the next step in my journey. I invite you to come in and be a part of it, a part of me!

My Community

Mi casa es su casa. My readers uplift and inspire me every single day. Its about you, your stories, your willingness to open up and share.  The world is full of eye opening experiences just waiting to be put on a page.

Join My Journey

You can join me on social media and as I fill my pages with my own personal and uplifting thoughts, links to articles, memes, other writers I enjoy, my favorite books and videos etc. My journey, as well as life in general is a work in progress...who knows where we will go and what we will do next!